Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a highly creative methodology of organising typography and images for reproduction both on and offline. There are numerous sub cultures within graphic design, which lead to specialist careers such as game design, so you are taught the fundamentals which facilitate transition into these areas. Professional Graphic Designers adapt to designing for web, mobile, TV and the more traditional publishing routes.

Example Graphics skills learned: Page Design, Photography, Advertising & Promotion


Illustration is about creating an image, not just drawing it, using a range of techniques such as print making, photography and digital manipulation. Image creation is required for TV and web reproduction and, with skills in illustration, you can find careers in animation.

Example Illustration skills learned: 3D Illustration, Colour Technique, Drawing & Mark Making

Terms 1 & 2

Throughout the first two terms you will be set a number of projects which you will work on, whilst developing your portfolio. We will help you to identify the right universities and degree courses to apply to and support you with your university applications through a combination of help from your dedicated University Application Officer as well as your lecturers, who are all experienced designers bringing a wealth of industry knowledge.


Term 3

The third term is all about your final major project. As part of this you will also complete a journal which is a reflection and evaluation of your work.


Preparation for Degrees in:

Graphic Communication Design, Illustration Animation, Graphic and Media Design, Communication Design, 3D Game Design, Media Communications, Web Design, Children’s Book Illustration

We Provide

.....5 days a week contact time

.....small class sizes, on average no more than 15 students to 1 teacher support in class

.....personalised portfolio assistance and advice

.....your own dedicated workspace

.....your own iMac

.....lecturers based in your studio all day Monday to Friday access 7 days a week

.....guaranteed participation in a show

.....dedicated university officer, to help with your university applications and careers advice

.....opportunities to  broaden your experiences by visiting exhibitions and shows over the world

.....outstanding teachers who are working artists, still exhibiting, bringing industry links and real insight to the world of work

....a dynamic and global community bringing opportunities, international contacts and friendships