Key to Foundation is idea development through research and knowledge of fashion in context. Critical thinking is encouraged so you can assess what is good and bad in order for further progression.
You will learn how to take your ideas from sketch to catwalk, and how to learn the physical making of a garment, from choosing the correct material to pinning and draping materials on a dummy and sewing the final pattern.


After a week of sampling all optial subjects, you will pick three of these subjects to study over a rotational period. You will also consider which university you wish to apply to and you are supported and advised by lecturers whilst making your university UCAS applications. At the end of this term you will have an introduction to your chosen specialist area.


You will be set a number of projects which you will work on in your specialist area. During this time you will also develop your portfolio, ready for university interviews.


The third term is all about consolidating practice. As part of this you will also complete a blog which is a reflection and evaluation of your work.

Example skills learned : Fashion Illustration, Customisation, Translating Designs From 2D Drawings to 3D Garments, Garment Making, Research and Sketch Book Development

Preparation for Degrees in: Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Production, Fashion Design & Development, Creative Direction for Fashion, Fashion Retail Management, Footwear Design, Textile Design, Fashion Marketing Fashion Promotion and Imaging, Fashion: Media and Marketing, Cordwrainers - Footwear, Product Design and Development.


We Provide

.....5 days a week contact time support in class

.....personalised portfolio assistance and advice

.....your own mannequin across 5 days a week access 7 days a week

.....dedicated university officer, to help with your university applications and careers advice

.....opportunities to  broaden your experiences by visiting exhibitions and shows over the world

.....outstanding teachers who are working artists, still exhibiting, bringing industry links and real insight to the world of work