Art, Design & Fashion Testimonials

  • Anna Ginzburg

    Art Foundation

    "We are creating a lot of work in Fashion Promotion - this is the final major project for the end of the course. The teachers at CSVPA have all been really helpful, there are lots of resources and the freedom to do whatever we want to express our creativity. Cambridge is a really nice to study in."

    Destination: London College of Fashion (UAL) - Creative Direction for Fashion

  • Esmeralda Tuomi

    BA Fashion

    "I love living in Cambridge. I applied through UCAS and chose CSVPA because of its location and because I wanted to study here in the UK. The course is so much better than I had anticipated. It is better than I could imagine any course to be! There is so much bespoke one on one teaching, we get so much help and support and we do really interesting projects - and everyone is really friendly. I always knew I wanted to do fashion and to study here in the UK. I am really happy to be here at CSVPA."

  • Leonard Victor Haug

    BA Graphics

    "A friend of my parents recommended CSVPA as it was better to study Graphics and especially Illustration here in the UK than in Germany. I have already done a Foundation Course at CSVPA and wanted to stay on here. The rotation element of the Foundation really helped me find my place. We get to experiment with lots of materials and basically do whatever we want and that is really exciting. I am exploring both Graphics and Illustration at the moment and like both equally. I have tried almost everything in the school from photography and textiles to screen printing and will be definitely using some of these in my future artwork. I like Cambridge - it is a smaller town than Hamburg and everything you need is close by."

  • Ahmed Tunde Akintayo

    BA Graphics & Illustration

    "I heard about CSVPA through UCAS and I chose to study here because when I came for the interview I really liked the environment. I came here directly from college and initially found some of the criteria for the course a challenge. I have enjoyed several of the projects so far, especially the illlustration elements and also the printmaking aspects, these have interested me the most."

  • Grigory Fedenko

    Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

    "Ever since I have established my interest in fashion, I wanted to study in the UK.
    CSVPA was a perfect choice for the beginning of my journey. Having small groups of students in the class, allowed our tutors to spend enough time with each student and were always available to answer any questions.

    I personally liked the balance between the independent and in and in-class work. We had enough time to ask questions and learn new skills, and to improve and perfect those skills on our own."

    Destination: Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, Italy

  • Seokwon Hong

    Foundation Diploma in Art and Design - 3D Design

    "I attended CSVPA summer school in 2019. It was such an unforgettable experience that I decided to come back and study full-time. The course has widend my understanding about art and design by allowing me to explore and learn from different designers."

    Destination: Games Design London College of Communication (UAL)

  • Camille Burfield

    Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production and Tech

    "Studying at CSVPA has been amazing! They really focus on the individual student. That’s why I really thrived here."

    Destination: Film, Television and Digital Production at Royal Holloway University

  • Yixin Zhang

    Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

    "In this course, I have gained more confidence and passion in Graphic Design. I was encouraged by the tutor to experience new techniques and medias".

    Destination: Graphic Design Kingston University


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