A wide range of subjects

As well as specialising from day one in Fashion Design, you will also explore the following compulsory subjects:

This all encompassing subject ensures you have a solid understanding of drawing-based theory including mark making, colour theory and perspective theory that takes into account how work is produced. Over the year you will cover off the following areas:

  • Elements of composition, tone, colour, texture, form and structure
  • Observational analysis
  • Visual interpretation
  • Improvisation techniques
  • Rendering the abstract
  • Experimental drawing

This is a highly influential tookit for graphic designers, illustrators and fashion designers alike, because the human body forms the basis of everything we do and feel. You will learn about the human form, the model, cultures and shapes to better your craft. You will learn about:

  • Line, shape, space and tone
  • Colour
  • Construction of figure
  • Exploration of contour, anatomy, contortion, mass, tone, light and shade
  • Working with models, one or more, nude or clothed, silhouetted, still or moving
  • Exploration of movement dynamics
  • Exploration of space, positive and negative

This area is all about developing you as a student, enabling you to present yourself as better student for university applications and interviews. Through group and individual presentations you will build your confidence and improve your presentation skills. Two basic areas are covered; the history of art and design and the teachings of the contemporary world. You will be encouraged to question the context of your projects so you appreciate how the work has evolved and what will happen to it next.

Through a variety of teaching styles, we focus on four key skills you need to pass your IELTS exam; listening, reading, writing and spoken English. This subject is linked with your Contextual Studies lectures so you are better equipped with vocabulary to explain your workings and promote your final pieces.

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