17 years +

Educational Level

Successful completion of High School (year 11 or year 12 depending on native country) is needed or 1 x A level or 2 AS levels at grade E or above and 5 x GCSEs at grade 4 or C or equivalent, preferably in a relevant creative subject.

Students who do not meet these entry requirements will still be considered on their own individual potential to succeed. 

English Level
IELTS 4.5+ (no element below 4.0+)

Portfolio of work showing personal work, school work, finished and prepared which demonstrates a commitment to Fashion Design


Your portfolio is the chance to show us your skills and your passion and as a guide we would like to see some, but not necessarily all, of the following:

  • show us 10-15 pieces of your very best work: quality is more important than quantity
  • include both taught and personal work
  • demonstrate drawing skills (from live observation, as well as from photos or reference materials)
  • show us your personal ideas and areas of interest (if you’re passionate about a certain subject, show it!)
  • experiment with a wide range of media and materials
  • show your research and ideas in sketchbooks or notebooks
  • only use work you have made in the last 18 months: nothing older
  • submit it electronically as a PPT or PDF, or arrange an interview to show your work in person.


What we look for in a portfolio

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