20 years +

Educational Level
Completed an undergraduate degree in an Art & Design subject

English level
September start: IELTS 5.5+ in every component

Good portfolio of work


Course Length
2 semesters

Falmouth University

Taught Contact Time
Up to 30 hours per week

English Language*
Up to 5 hours per week if required

Master’s in Art & Design

* additional hours on top of taught contact time

What should I include in my portfolio?

Your portfolio is the chance to show us your skills and your passion and as a guide we would like to see some, but not necessarily all, of the following:

  • drawing of any kind
  • project and self-initiated work, to include work in progress or finished pieces, showcasing a level of visual skill and creativity
  • evidence of primary and secondary research, which might include information from reference books, magazines, exhibition or museum visits
  • your thinking and development process in sketchbooks or notebooks, including reflective thinking
  • personal ideas and areas of interest (if fashion is your passion, show us)
  • experimentation with a range of different media and materials, showing evidence of innovative thinking where possible
  • a breadth of interest in and exploration of a range of art and design disciplines
  • evidence of cultural awareness, identifying social and cultural influences on your work.

If you are submitting your portfolio digitally, you should include between 10–15 images in total, showcasing a range of work, which might include sketchbook pages.


What we look for in a portfolio