Safe, secure and convenient accommodation

Accommodation is provided for all years of study. Our accommodation is located in safe, beautiful surroundings and provides a comfortable, well equipped living space. With the different options available we offer a balance between supervision and independence.

College Residences

We offer a range of halls of residences for different age groups, the majority of which are all single en-suite. All residences for students are within a short walk or bus journey from the College and City Centre.

We try to ensure that students live with other students of a similar age, and all of our over-18s are housed separately. Continuing students who are over 18 also have the option of self-catering accommodation, if certain conditions are met.

Click on the links below to our guide to living in Cambridge with CSVPA and see some examples of our student accommodation.

Accommodation Guide


This option is only available to students over 18 years of age. It offers the opportunity to live in a friendly Cambridge family setting, and students gain direct experience of daily life and culture in the UK.

Fully furnished home-from-home

Living with a Cambridge family

Safe and secure

Comfortable, clean homes, regularly inspected

Welcoming and supportive host families

Single rooms

Private bedroom

Breakfast and evening meal (hot lunch taken at College)

Access to a telephone and internet (on request)